Masquerade Theme Party Ideas

Published: 21st August 2009
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The Masquerade theme party became popular in Venice in the 15 century amongst high society. It is thought that the original purpose was so that the aristocrats could cheat on their wives without being discovered.

The Masquerade theme party is now popular all over the world. The main point being that guests get to hide their identities by wearing masks. You'll be amazed at what you can get away with when nobody knows who you are!

If you're intending to put on a Masquerade theme party, then check out the following tips to help make it a party you and your guests will always remember:

1. Send out your invitations on a face mask. This can be a cardboard cut out or an actual mask!

2. Both men and women should try and dress up as flamboyant and outlandish as possible. Consider having an award for the best outfit.

3. All guests have to be wearing face masks. Venetian face masks are the most traditional. You can if you choose have a public unveiling at midnight!

4. Consider hiring a professional photographer and have him stationed at the entrance. Your guests will love this little touch!

5. Buy some spare masks just in case any of your guests forget to bring one!

6. Try and create an atmosphere of intrigue. Turn down the lights and scatter candles around the venue.

7. Play classical music for you Masquerade theme party. If you have a budget, you could even hire out a string quartet!

8. The food should reflect the fact that a Masquerade theme party is a fine occasion. Go for fine Venetian food! Otherwise, if you're on a budget, finger buffets will do!

9. For drinks, you should have fine wine or champagne in your best crystal glasses.

We hope you have made some use from our Masquerade Theme Party ideas. We also have lots more Masquerade Theme Party ideas as well as other theme party ideas for you. We hope that you're able to make your theme party a great success and that your guests and yourself will remember it forever! Have fun!

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