Facebook Sarging - 12 Tips

Published: 28th September 2009
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Facebook sarging is easier than you think as long as you have a good profile and some opening messages that have been proven to work!

Take a look at these tips to get your Facebook Sarging off to a flying start:

1. Get a profile picture that shows you with 1 or more really hot girls! It should look natural, definately not contrived!

2. For the rest of your pictures, i certainly wouldn't go crazy with hundreds. Have about 50 to show you have a life but don't spend it all on Facebook!

3. Get some photos where you're doing some extreme sports such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing or break dancing (if you can do it!). Show that you are exciting!

4. This one is important! Get some extra photos where hot girls are loving your company! This will create more trust and comfort with you!

5. Show you're sensitive by having photos cuddling a cute pet! All girls can relate to this!

6. Demonstrate that you're well travelled by showing photos in front of famous landmarks! Chances are, if she's been, you have a conversation point there!

7. Turn your relationship status off! It should never be showing you as being single! You're giving the game away and making it too easy for her!

8. Check your profile for school boy spelling errors! You need to show yourself as being educated so get your profile right!

9. Don't ever use annoying 15 year old girl text speak on your profile!

10. Close your profile to random access otherwise she won't have to add you as a friend to see everything!

11. Delete any wall posts that give you up as being boring or leading a mundane lifestyle! There should be no invites to go to the video arcade with your best mate!

12. Get some wall posts from your existing female friends! Try and get them to ask you out for a coffee and a catch up. Show that you're good with women and you create trust, comfort and huge attraction!

Now that you have put all of the above into action, it is time to send out some Facebook Sarging opening messages to some hot women! Our openers have a 1 in 3 success rate at getting girls hooked from the start, which makes getting a date simple! We also have more Facebook Sarging tips for your profile to give you an even better advantage over other guys!

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