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Published: 28th September 2009
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Have you ever tried to use Facebook to pick up hot girls? You should because there is less rejection and is easier than you may think!

Your success depends almost entirely on the quality of your profile, you have to stand out from all the losers trying their luck!

Put the following Facebook PUA tips into practice and you will soon be dating hot girls you meet online.

1. Go through your profile for spelling mistakes. You need to come across as educated. Never write as though you're a 12 year old girl sending a text to her friend!

2. Always ignore your Facebook status section! Who needs to know that you're out walking the Dog! This lowers your value if you're seen to have nothing better to do!

3. Never volunteer that your relationship status is single. So turn this option off! Don't make it easy for her, not to mention obvious!

4. Your primary photo is very important! The best photo you can have is one where you're standing next to a hot girl and she is enjoying your company!

5. Get more photos with hot girls. Try and show that women enjoy your company and this is the kind of life you lead! This will build trust and attraction! Also get some cool hobby photos!

6. No matter how good your body may be, never take a posing shot of yourself! You look ridiculous and women are turned off by this! It does however make things easier for real Facebook PUA's who know not to do this!

7. Take a look through your wall for anything that may lower your value and delete them! Any threats or insults from your friends, any boring invitations to watch Die Hard at your mate's house should not be on your wall!

8. This one is probably the most important Facebook PUA tip! You need to get a collection of wall posts from hot girls inviting you out to parties or for a drink etc. This will raise your value through the roof!

Now that you have put all of the above into place, you're ready to send out some of our suggested Facebook PUA opening messages! Our opening messages almost guarantee a positive response which will enable arranging a date with any hot girl easy! We also have more easy Facebook PUA tips and tricks to make your Facebook profile stand out, making you look attractive to hot girls!

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