9 Easy Ideas For Your Mexican Party Theme

Published: 21st August 2009
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A Mexican party theme is celebrated mainly on public holidays in Mexico and the western USA. It is an opportunity to sing, dance, drink and eat delicious Mexican food.

If you are wanting to throw your very own Mexican party theme for your friends, family and neighbors, then take some suggestions and inspiration from our Mexican party theme ideas below:

1. Send out your invitations on a sombrero hat. You can buy miniature ones for cheap. Otherwise you can cut and paint some sombreros out from cardboard and send them out to your guests.

2. The ladies could wear the traditional Mexican peasant dress. It is a very pretty dress that they will enjoy wearing. Make sure you get a head piece accompaniment. You should also wear a lei necklace to complete the outfit.

3. Guys, you get to wear a serape and Mexican poncho. Also consider wearing pistols in holsters and of course a sombrero hat. If you want to stand out from the crowd then dress up as Zorro!

4. Get plenty of Mexican flags, small and large for the walls and tables!

5. The Mexican colors are green, white and red. Get balloons in these three colors!

6. Create a table centre piece with a large novelty sombrero hat. Scatter chilis around this centre piece, which is also where the food should be!

7. You should have plenty of variety for your food. Beef dishes and chili dishes are the normal! Allow your guests to experiment with everything. Don't forget the tacos and tortillas! Also have plenty of enchilada sauces!

8. The drink of choice at a Mexican party theme is Corona and lime. Also Tequila and lots of it, but make sure its quality Tequila!

9. The Mexican party is all about singing and dancing. The music you should be playing is Samba music.

I hope you have seen some interesting ideas for your Mexican Party Theme that you can use for your event. We also have many more Mexican Party Theme ideas to help make your Mexican theme party special and memorable for your guests and for you. Enjoy!

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